Kiambu Senator Paul Karungo Thang’wa has expressed his reservations about President William Ruto’s plan to host X Space to engage with Gen Z.

Spaces is a way to have live audio conversations on X formerly known as Twitter. Anyone can join, listen, and speak in a Space on X.

“When the President is talking to Gen Z, he must make sure he is talking to Gen Z. That is why I advise him to shy away from the X Space,” the Kiambu Senator stated.

“When you go to X Space, you only hear voices- you don’t see anybody. We don’t know who is in there. We might be speaking to those who have always been there and not listen to the real Gen Z.”

While discouraging the Head of State from engaging the youth on X Space, the Kiambu Senator made it clear that Ruto would face insults from the users on the platform since they are faceless.

“Because if you go to X Space, huko matusi mingi sana (there are many insults) and they do not come from Gen Z because they are not afraid to be seen,” Karungo emphasised.

He noted that imposters among Gen Zs would easily be identified on TikTok live.

“That is why I am advising him, kindly go to TikTok if you wanna to talk to Gen Z. You will see them- they will see your face. They will even tell you, this is not a Gen Z,” the Senator insisted.

“So I ask the President and the Deputy President to go on TikTok and learn how to say ‘tap tap the screen.”

The Cabinet will also be expected to join President William Ruto during his interaction with the youth on X Space.

“Cabinet is scheduled to join His Excellency the President tomorrow Friday, 5th July 2024, as the Head of State and Government hosts his inaugural X-Space Conversation with the youth of Kenya. All Kenyans are welcome to contribute to this dialogue as part of our collective effort to foster national renewal and create a better Kenya for all,” a despatch from Cabinet shared by State House spokesperson Hussein Mohamed read in part.


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