Kenya and China have signed significant Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) to promote film and theatre in the Country.

The event featured the participation of key representatives from both countries, including Dong Xin, Deputy Minister of the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) of China, Timothy Owase, CEO of Kenya Film Commission, and CPA Pascal Opiyo, CEO of Kenya film and classification board among others.

The ceremony, themed ‘Kenya, China TV Theatre”   showcased a variety of Chinese TV programmes, highlighting the rich cultural exchange between the two nations.

Jimmy Carter Luo, Chief Executive Officer of StarTimes Media (Ke) Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm about the newly forged partnership and its potential impact on both countries in the field of film and the exchange of culture.

Carter emphasized that Kenya, China TV Theatre &  will pave the way for joint productions, content sharing, and professional exchanges between Kenyan and Chinese media entities.

“This collaboration is essential for the advancement of our creative industries. It offers a valuable platform for knowledge exchange, technological innovation, and cultural enrichment,” said Carter.

Dong Xin, Deputy Minister of the National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) of China, expressed his optimism about the future of Chinese-Kenyan cooperation in the audiovisual sector and film.

“This event marks a new chapter in our bilateral relations, particularly in the realm of media and entertainment. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with Kenya to foster cultural exchange and mutual development,” said Deputy Minister Dong Xin.

He said that the MOUs signify the unwavering commitment to nurturing and expanding the film and television industries in both Kenya and China adding that it will enhance and pave the way for more joint productions and professional exchanges, enhancing the quality and diversity of content available in both countries.

Prof Edward Kisiang’ani in a statement read by Judith Munyinyi, Secretary of the Information Ministry of ICT said that the collaboration launched will highly impact the media industry.

He said that the exchange of content between Kenya and China is crucial.

“We look forward to the continued collaboration between Kenya and China “he said

Kenya Film Commission CEO Timothy Owase said that the collaboration between Kenya and China will greatly impact the film industry in Kenya.

He noted that the government will continue supporting the youths in the realization of their talents.

“We are greatly humbled by this partnership between Kenya and China in the field of film and theatre and we will continue pushing further for our youths to get job opportunities in the film and art industry, “he said.


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