Kenya African National Union (KANU) chairperson has decried the ongoing trend where a section of Kenyans suspected to have masterminded anti-tax demonstrations are being taken hostage.

According to Moi, the emerging pattern where young people are being violently abducted on account of engineering the protests against the Finance Bill, 2024 is deeply troubling and warrants unequivocal condemnation.

“We are a country of the rule of law and not that of the rule of men. If anyone is suspected of having committed any crime, they must be arrested in accordance with the law and be produced in a court of competent jurisdiction,” the KANU boss said in a statement Monday morning

He said Kenyans are suffering the burden of unbearable taxes and should not be impeded while voicing their concerns.

“An attempt to suppress the voices of those who bear the brunt of over-taxation, unresponsive economic policies, and lack of accountability on the part of the government through unlawful tactics is unacceptable,” said Moi

While reiterating that his party is opposed to the Finance Bill, Moi asked the Kenya Kwanza administration to instead create more opportunities for Kenyans to access employment to increase the number of those who are taxed.

“We reject the Finance Bill, urge the government to prioritise Industrialisation over Taxation, and stop viewing the young people with grievances as the enemies yet they are victims of harsh economic policies,” he said


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