The International Press Association of East Africa (IPAEA) has condemned the violence against journalists covering the ongoing protests against the Finance Bill 2024.

In a press statement issued on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, the IPAEA expressed disapproval of the attacks on members of the media during the #RejectFinanceBill2024 demonstrations.

“The International Press Association of East Africa condemns in the strongest terms possible the targeting of journalists covering the ongoing #RejectFinanceBill2024 protests,” the statement read.

One of the reported incidents involved Collins Olunga, a freelance journalist, who was injured while filming the protests.

According to IPAEA, Olunga was struck by a teargas canister on his right hand.

First responders at the scene quickly attended to him, managed his bleeding, and transferred him to the hospital. He is currently under observation but in stable condition.

“We are verifying other reports of violations against journalists,” IPAEA noted,

The association urged Kenya’s law enforcement agencies to allow journalists to work without facing violence, harassment, or interference.

The Association emphasized the importance of upholding the right to freedom of expression as enshrined in Kenya’s constitution.

“The work of journalists is protected under Articles 33, 34, and 35 of the Constitution, a right that should be respected by all. This targeting of the press is unacceptable and undermines the vital role of journalists in democracy of informing the public,” IPAEA stated.

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