A section of political and religious leaders from the North Rift region now say there is a hidden hand behind the ongoing mass protests in Kenya.

The leaders argue that the youth participating in the demonstrations are not acting on their own. The Senator says intelligence reports have linked the protests to some Non-Governmental Organizations.

“Sisi tumejua ya kwamba kuna NGOs ambazo wanatumiwa pesa ya kutumia hawa vijana (Gen Z) katika miji yetu kuleta mambo ya maandamano,” claimed Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei

Addressing a different forum, Abraham Kirwa, the Member of Parliament for Mosop Constituency said persons sponsoring the protests are eager to take the country on the path to instability for their selfish interests. He insists the youth have been triggered by individuals and not issues such as the Finance Bill.

“We are warning those who are financing the demonstrations in the country. It is just a matter of time and you will be exposed and you will pay the prize,” said the Mosop MP

And they are not alone. John Lelei, the Auxiliary Bishop of Eldoret Diocese, says the hundreds of youth who have been taking to streets may have been motivated to do so by factors other than the Finance Bill. He too, isn’t ruling out individuals sponsoring the demonstrations.

“Vijana wasikubali kutumiwa. Unapotumiwa kufanya maandamano barabarani si kitu kizuri. Pengine wanalipwa. Wazazi waongee na watoto wao wa-keep off mambo kama haya,” argued Bishop Lelei

They spoke as President William Ruto’s aide Farouk Kibet asked Kenyans to accord elected leaders an opportunity to serve them. In an apparent reference to MPs’ decision to pass the Finance Bill 2024 during its Second Reading last week, he says the lawmakers have the best interest of their constituents at heart.

“Tuwaruhusu wabunge wafanye kazi yao. Sisi ndio tuliwachagua. Itakuwa vibaya sisi kuwakashifu na tuliwapa nafasi watutetee. Siamini kuna mbunge ako tayari kuumiza mwananchi” stated Farouk Kibet


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