Taking to her Instagram page, the Kenyan actress expressed admiration for the youths’ resilience and their efforts to fight for their democratic rights.

“I salute the Kenyan youth and I am grateful to them for coming together in an extraordinary way to stand up against the problematic Finance Bill 2024 as well as to defend and promote the democratic rights of the Kenyan people,” Lupita Nyong’o stated.

“I am extremely saddened that lives have been lost in the process and my thoughts are with the victims’ families,” Lupita sympathized with families who lost their loved ones in the aftermath.

The Finance Bill 2024 which brought discontent among citizens led to many taking to the streets challenging it and arguing it could adversely affect their livelihood.

The ‘Quiet Place’ actress urged the Kenyan government to listen attentively to the concerns raised by its citizens regarding governance issues.

“May the government of Kenya aim to peacefully unify the nation by hearing and addressing the concerns about bad governance that are rightfully being raised. #RejectFinanceBill2024,” she said.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024, marked the third day of the protests that started on June 18, 2024, this time more chaotic than the last, government infrastructure was destroyed, and lives were lost as anti-riot police fiercely shot at the demonstrators.

Chaos erupted, massive destruction and vandalism were witnessed within Parliament buildings, city hall and other areas across the country.

Inside Parliament, chairs in the lounge area were turned upside-down, windows shattered, and walls destroyed.

Several protesters were shot in the fierce clash.

More demonstrations were witnessed across the country including Nakuru, Mombasa, Nyeri, Kisumu, Kakamega, and Meru, among other regions.

The demonstrators are demanding a complete rejection of the Finance Bill 2024, calling for accountability in government, an end to corruption, and the publication of all state debts.

Speaking from State House in Nairobi on Tuesday evening, Ruto explained that an organized criminal group had attacked the demonstrators.

He assured the public that the government is deploying all available resources to prevent a repeat of such violent incidents.

The President condemned the attacks and emphasized that Kenya’s security forces are actively working to stop any future criminal activities targeting protesters.

Ruto expressed his gratitude to the security forces for their dedicated efforts in protecting the people of Kenya.

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