President William Ruto has said the Government will support those who lost their lives and were injured during the protests.

“The Government of Kenya will support all those who lost their lives and injured during the protests,” President William Ruto said on Friday.

The deadly unrest which began three weeks ago left over 25 people dead and over 300 injured, according to the Interior Ministry.

Addressing the nation today, the Head of State noted that his administration was ready to discuss issues affecting Kenyans raised during the anti-Finance Bill demos over politics.

“We are finally having the right conversation, not about our tribes, or personalities, or political formations, but rather issues that affect each and every one of us: issues such as taxation, debt, the budget, corruption, the cost of living, unemployment, and opportunities for our young people,” the President said.

The President extended his condolences to the mothers, fathers, siblings, relatives, and friends of those who died and the injured during the three week protests.

“I extend my deepest condolences to those who unfortunately lost their lives. One life lost is a life too many. To the mothers, fathers, siblings, relatives, and friends of those who died, my deepest sympathies and condolences. Equally, to the many others who are injured and recuperating, we wish them a quick recovery,” he added.


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