Speaking on Msenangu FM’s breakfast show, the governor intimated that the Kwale County assembly was in the process of considering the proposal with a view to curbing the use of muguka among children in the region.

“Among the proposals we have brought forward to the County Assembly are Single Business Permit (SBP) for traders transporting 15 tonnes of muguka in a year to cost Ksh300,000, 7-15 tonnes will be Ksh200,000 while 5-7 tonnes will set traders back by Ksh150,000.

Additionally, the governor says the proposals, if approved, will charge muguka transporters in Toyota Probox up to Ksh60,000 in annual payments. Transporters using motorcycles will pay Ksh30,000 while those selling the stimulant in sacks will part with Ksh20,000 annually.

Among other raft of measures proposed by the governor include limiting the sale of the stimulant to specific periods of the day, and restricting its sale to specific places away from schools, places of worship and other designated areas.

Similarly, the governor stated that muguka will not be sold in regular shops that deal in household items and food. According to Achani, the controversial stimulant will be sold in specific shops with the permit for a kibanda costing Ksh50,000 per year.

Reacting to claims of her prolonged silence on effecting muguka ban, Achani clapped back, saying Kwale County was an independent entity and that the ban was particularly not enforceable due to legal loopholes involved.

“I am also a mother and I have been at the forefront in the fight against not just muguka but other drugs that pose a danger to the youth in this county,” Achani remarked.

Achani appealed to the government to declassify the stimulant from a cash crop to a drug, adding that several families at the coast had been ravaged by the adverse effects of muguka on the youth.

On Monday, May 27, 2024, President Ruto met Embu leaders led by Embu governor Cecily Mbarire at State House, where he invalidated the bans in Mombasa and Kilifi counties.

During the meeting, Ruto promised additional funding of Ksh500 million to miraa and muguka farmers in Embu and Meru counties.

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