Speaking during a church service at Kaplong Deliverance Church in Sotik, Bomet County, on Sunday, Gachagua said they had to vote as a family, and the votes were split two against two, being a family of four.

He added that being the chairman of the family, he had the final decision, and his children were democratically obliged to support President Ruto.

“Saa ingine tunakosana tunaita mama yao atataue. Let me tell you, siku tulikuwa tunasaidia Rais William Ruto, tulikuwa na shida mingi sana sababu tulikuwa tunaenda kinyume na serikali na tukasumbuana sana. Hawa vijana wangu waliona nitateswa na mambo yetu kama familia itaharibika. Waliita mkutano yangu, mimi na mama yao,” (Sometimes we disagree and call their mother to mediate. Let me tell you, during the time we were supporting President William Ruto bid, we had many challenges because we were going against the government, and there was a lot of tension. My sons thought I would be persecuted and our family would suffer. They called a meeting with me and their mother),” he said.

Wakasema hii barabara unaenda wachana kwa sababu utafungwa na mali yetu itakwishwa. Tukafanya kesi, mimi nikasimama kidete nikasema wacha nikae na Rais William Ruto kuna mahali anatupeleka. Pastor Dorcas akaniunga mkono ikakuwa two versus two. Mimi Kama chairman ya mkutano nipiga casting vote. Vijana vile ni watu wa demokrasia wakasema dad umeshinda Tuendelee, (They said the path I was taking would lead to imprisonment and ruin our wealth. We debated the issue, and I stood firm, saying I would stay with President William Ruto because he was leading us in the right direction. Pastor Dorcas supported me, making it two against two. As the chairman of the family, I had the casting vote. Since my sons respect democracy, they said, ‘Dad, you have won. Let’s proceed),” he added.

Gachagua’s revelation came as he explained why the government needs to listen to young people. He explained that the internet had opened the minds of young people.

He stated that older people should not underestimate the young, as they are full of ideas.

The DP’s strong support for the youth comes after the recent anti-Finance Bill 2024 protests, which pushed the president to reject the bill.


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