In a video message posted on his social media accounts on Monday, July 8, 2024, Omondi urged the Head of State to take immediate action to restore the faith of Kenyans in their government

Failure to which, Omondi announced plans to visit the State House on Thursday, July 11, 2024, accompanied by a group of citizens dressed in white

“Mr President, I have been told that you are a very prayerful man, this is the word of the Lord for you. Please fire all cabinet secretaries before Thursday. Please fire all principal secretaries. Please fire all parastatal heads. Kenyans have lost all faith in the government,” Omondi declared.

“I will be accompanied by 100 women dressed in white, just mama mbogas. I will be accompanied by 100 men dressed in white, just boda boda riders. I will be accompanied by 100 youths, dressed in white. Please request the police to put down their guns, Mr President, we need to talk, not on Twitter, not on TV. We will visit you at State House on Thursday at 11 am. We will come in peace, dressed in white and bearing the flag.”

Eric Omondi’s demand for President Ruto comes less than a month after nationwide protests led by youths opposing the government’s contentious Finance Bill 2024.

In a video, Omondi dressed in a red outfit and riding a horse, accompanied by other protesters, chanted “Power to the people” and anti-Finance Bill 2024 slogans as they approached Bunge Towers.

Upon arrival, police officers quickly subdued Omondi and detained him, causing the other protesters to scatter.

The Finance Bill 2024 sparked protests in several counties, including Nairobi, Mombasa, Isiolo, Eldoret, and Nakuru, with many young people demanding that Members of Parliament (MPs) reject the bill.

Despite these protests, a majority of MPs approved the bill which was later returned to Parliament by Ruto.


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