As seen through his Instagram post on July 1, 2024, Eric revealed that he had spoken to Kennedy Onyango’s mother Josinter Ochieng, (the 12-year-old boy who was reportedly shot dead when protests broke out in Rongai) and she was totally broken by the incident, leaving her in much dismay.

Additionally, Eric requested Kenyans of goodwill to remember Onyango as a martyr of the final struggle citing that he died as a hero and ought to be celebrated as one. Further, Omondi shared the contact for Onyango’s mother where the funds would be sent.

“This is Kennedy Onyango. The 12-year-old boy was shot 8 times in the back and died on the spot. I just spoke to the mother and she is broken and in utter dismay. We are going to celebrate Kennedy as a hero!!! We are going to remember him as a Martyr of the Final Struggle. Send all you can to the mother on 0711 672795 (NAME: Josinter Ochieng) Let’s go!” Omondi said.

Kennedy Onyango who was shot 8 times, became the talk of the town after his video surfaced online capturing the attention and concern of many, including Omondi. 

Kennedy’s sad story came up at a live roundtable interview where President William Ruto answered journalists’ questions about the Finance Bill 2024 and the subsequent protests.

During the interview, Ruto was asked what he could say to the grieving mother of Kennedy Onyango, who had been allegedly shot eight times and lost his life. 

At the time, Ruto thought that the boy was still alive, but he later discovered the boy had been killed, leaving many Kenyans angry.

Journalist Linus Kaikai asked Ruto what he would tell the mother of the 12-year-old boy who died in Rongai.

“He is still alive right?” Ruto posed.

He was told that the boy had died. 

“On the 12-year-old shot with eight bullets, I am telling the mother of this young person that as president, I will make sure that I give her an explanation of what really happened. I will make sure that we bring this to a situation where, like myself who has children, her child can be accounted for,” Ruto stated.

Recently, Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino promised to lobby Eric Omondi for election to Parliament in 2027.

During Fred Omondi’s funeral, Babu announced he was ready to campaign for Eric and in 2026 we will identify the constituency where Eric will run.

According to Babu, Omondi has been very instrumental in helping struggling Kenyans and it was time to amplify his efforts. Babu added that if Omondi got an elective post, it would be much easier for him to help more people.

 “This our brother Eric Omondi, we have been in struggles with him and he is indeed helping Kenyans and he deserves to be an MP IN 2027,” Babu remarked.


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