The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) has sent a stern warning to land registrars after concluding recovery of a half an acre property in Nakuru City worth Ksh 40 million.

EACC’s Deputy Director Corporate Affairs and Communication Eric Ngumbi said investigations by the commission shows that land registrars are accomplices to the grabbing of government property.

Ngumbi said EACC has prioritized the investigations of land registrars, arrest and prosecution for any Land grabbing they are involved in.

In its mission, Ngumbi said EACC arrested Felix Nyakundi, a land registrar from Thika, in Kiambu and they will charge him.

Ngumbi made the statement as EACC finalized recovery of the Ksh 40 million property in St Xavier’s Estate.

The land, he said, was set aside for government housing and has been occupied by government employees.

He said the property was part of a 24 units property that EACC moved to court to recover.

The recovery followed an April 20, 2024 judgment by Environment and Land Court Judge Mwangi Njoroge.

Njoroge declared that the allocation and issuance of lease of the land by Wilson Gachanja, a former Commissioner of Land, was illegal.

The court also issued a permanent injunction restraining Choge’s kin from developing, transferring or leasing the land.

He ordered the Land Registrar Nakuru to expunge all the illegal entries on the register regarding the property.

EACC in its submission said the property, built in 1950, was set aside for government housing and it was not available for alienation.

The evidence was not challenged in court but Gachanja defended himself and said that he signed the certificate of lease in execution of his official duties.

He said the signing was upon the recommendation of other officers.


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