Christian and Muslim Clerics have urged the youth to halt protests to give dialogue a chance.

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) House of Bishops said peaceful protests from the youth resulted in the withdrawal of the Finance Bill, 2024 albeit it came with a huge price as citizens lost their lives, injuries, and alleged abduction.

“As a church, we condemn the violence meted out against the protestors who comprised mainly of young persons, the Gen Z,” said Rev. Alphonce Baya at the ACK Diocese of Mombasa.

The bishops commiserated with families that had lost their loved ones during the protests.

They also condemn cases of lawlessness from marauding youth who rob and steal from citizens on the streets, matatus, private cars and looting of private properties.

“These incidences of criminal activities affect the well-being of individuals. We call for justice, peaceful measures by the law enforcement agencies and make every part of Kenya safe once more,” said Rev. Baya.

He urges the youth to call off the strike as continued picketing destroys the conducive environment for businesses and hurts the country’s delicate economy.

“In addition to tarnishing the collective spirit of our nation, remember when Kenya our common home burns, we run the risks of burning it. We call for calm and peace even as we engage each other,” explained Rev. Baya.

Rev. Baya termed the recently witnessed protests as cumulative anger because of leadership failure since the country attained its independence. “It has reached the ‘boiling point’. The country needs servant leadership,” said Mwaro.

He added that the ACK church in Mombasa has regulated its platform so as not to be misused by politicians to drive their agenda.

To stop the return of violence Bishop of ACK Malindi Diocese Rev. Reuben Katite encourages the Head of State to initiate the dialogue with Gen Z and for parties in the dialogue to approach all issues with humility, transparency, truthfulness and goodwill for peace to prevail.

The bishops call for a realignment of the executive and legislative arms of the government leadership priorities to the aspirations of their constituents.

“Prioritizing the needs of Kenyans is essential to alleviate the complaints we are currently hearing,” said Rev. Katite, adding that all voices should be given attention.

The ACK Bishops further urge leaders and citizens to be the mediators and advocates of peace for the nation’s stability.

Speaking separately, the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) echoed ACK Bishop’s sentiments calling for the stop of protests.

CIPK Organizing Secretary Mohamed Khalifa urged parents to advise their children to halt the protests for dialogue to commence not to destroy the country.

“The protests started peacefully but it was later hijacked by criminals led to the looting of properties, injuries and destructions,” said Khalifa, adding the Head of State should be given time to dialogue with the youth.

CIPK National Treasurer Sheikh Hassan Omar urged Kenyans to maintain peace not to destroy the country that will take years to build.


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