Charlene Ruto has appealed to the Gen Zs to embrace dialogue in the face of widespread protests that have rocked the country in the past few weeks.

Speaking on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, in the company of a group of youth identifying themselves as University youth leaders in the 47 counties, Charlene said that she was one of the Gen Zs.

The first daughter decried the looting and vandalism which transpired as the protests progressed, saying that it was disheartening that peace had been far from her in the recent past.

” I hear your voices, I understand your concerns and the challenges we face as a generation are real and pressing,” she implored.

Charlene observed that the rising cost of living in the country was a matter of concern as well as the unemployment crisis faced by a majority of educated youth.

“We are all feeling the impact of the current economic situation,” she said.

She thanked the Gen Zs for voicing their concerns and taking charge of the national conversation, stating that their contribution and involvement was not only welcome but essential in a vibrant democracy.

Charlene, however, appealed to the youth to understand the complexities of governance, telling them to not only criticize but also offer solutions to the problems.

She promised to work alongside the Gen Zs urging them to be open to dialogue if solutions to the current problems are to be realized.

A section of the youth leaders also said they were open to the dialogue suggested by President William Ruto following his withdrawal of the contentious Finance Bill 2024 after protests hit a fever pitch.

The protests of June 25, 2024, resulted in the shooting of several people along Parliament after a section of the demonstrators overwhelmed police officers and breached Parliament security to access the chambers.

The protesters destroyed glass panels in the Parliament buildings and destroyed furniture and art before making away with the ceremonial mace which symbolises the National Assembly’s authority.

A section of leaders have since claimed that the otherwise peaceful protests have been infiltrated by hired goons who have participated in looting, rape and destruction of property.

Raila Odinga on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, called on the state to arrest those suspected to have hired the goons to infiltrate the anti-government protests.



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