Kenyan singers Bien and Breeder have released a revolutionary song dubbed ‘Maandamano,’ capturing the recent nationwide protests against the Finance Bill 2024.

The song comes just days after the anti-government demonstrations, making its debut at a crucial moment for the country.

In ‘Maandamano,’ the duo brings together their artistic skills to paint a vivid picture of the protests and the public’s discontent with the government.

Wanadhani sisi bongo lala, ikikupita we bongo lala, na waliosema kesho iwezi fika tuko ground tnazoza,” Bien opens the song.

In his verse, Bien continues to address the pressing issues faced by Kenyans, such as unemployment and doctors’ strikes reflecting on the everyday struggles of citizens.

“Hakuna mboka, pelekeni shule watasoma, madaktari wamegoma hapo sasa ni yesu atatuponya. Waambie punda imechoka sana, farasi bado haijapatikana,” Bien sings

Breeder criticized the government for being corrupt and the police for their actions during the protests where peaceful protesters were killed.

‘Maandamano’ also honours those whose lives were lost during the deadly demonstrations.

“Independence 60 years, tuliambiwa ni self rule, billions on billions tunaibiwa na same crooks, ati tuanlipa madeni izo ndo excuses, ii ni Gen Z hatuwezi make the same moves, occupy parliament, tuende maandamano, tribeless, partless, iyo ndo msimamo, they killing us kwa protests, si bado tunamatch on, RIP to our heroes washa candles,” the song expresses.

Since its release just three hours ago, ‘Maandamano’ has gone viral.

The protests, which lasted nearly three weeks, were led by Gen Zs and other citizens who demanded the government to do away with the punitive  Finance Bill 2024.


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