A Makadara court has charged a 28-year-old man for assaulting his mother after she allegedly refused to buy him a mobile phone.

The accused, Peter Ngugi, is said to have punched and insulted his mother before threatening to slash off her head.

Sinilikuambia uninunulie simu? Wewe unajifanya hauskii sinilikuambia uninulie simu (I told you to buy me a phone, why are you acting like you did not hear?). I warned you that I will cut off your head,” court papers tabled before the court read in part.

The complainant responded by informing the accused that she did not have enough money to grant his request.

At that point, the accused punched the complainant in her mouth, leaving her bleeding.

While appearing before Makadara Senior Principal Magistrate Eric Mutunga, Ngugi pleaded guilty. He will be sentenced on June 9, 2023.


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