Pastor Ezekiel Odour of New Life Prayer Centre and Church, who is an alleged close associate of Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, will remain in police custody until May 2, 2023, when the case against him will be heard.

The state told the court that Ezekiel is linked to Mackenzie having organized burial sites at his vast Shakahola land following the death of hundreds of faithful inside his Mavueni church in Kilifi County.

Through Principal Prosecution Counsel Yamina Jamii, the state told Shanzu Chief Magistrate Joe Omido that Ezekiel was being investigated in relation to deaths reported inside his church and the whereabouts of the alleged bodies, which the state believed were buried inside Mackenzie’s land following an agreement between the two preachers

“Detectives are now seeking to investigate the whereabouts of the said bodies, and we are apprehensive that if he is released unconditionally he is likely to interfere with ongoing investigations among his faithful,” Jamii said.

Jamii further told the court that Ezekiel was a friend of Mackenzie and have been business partners for some time.

“We have already attained proof of transactions involving huge amounts of money between the duo with the latest transfer revealing a transaction of Ksh500,000 from bank accounts owned by Ezekiel to that of Mackenzie and a sale agreement of Times TV station owned by Mackenzie,” stated Jamii.

Detectives are now seeking to detain Ezekiel for 30 days to allow police complete investigations.

Hundreds of Ezekiel’s followers turned up in solidarity with the pastor at the Shanzu Law Courts.

His grief-stricken wife sat pensively at the court following proceedings, donning a white and red robe.


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