Neno Evangelism Centre founder pastor James Ng’ang’a has subtly attacked embattled pastor Paul Mackenzie who was recently arrested after the bodies of his followers were discovered in Shakahola village in Malindi, Kilifi county.

Speaking during a Facebook live session via his church’s official account, the controversial pastor poked holes into the recent Shakahola massacre and subtly attacked Mackenzie and other pastors who duped their followers for individual benefits.

Ng’ang’a subsequently urged believers to conduct thorough research on the places of worship before following blindly in order to avert similar occurrences in the future.

“Mtuangalie kabla mkuje kwenye vioski tuko nazo na harakasi mtuangalie. Heri mimi sikusoma lakini nyinyi mmesoma. Conman, wezi na wakora mtafika mwisho tu” he stated.

Ng’ang’a who is currently in the USA further dared the government to also arrest him when he jets into the country.

After huyo amekamatwa na nyinyi mkujiwe, mtakujiwe ata mimi mnikujie, tukujieni, its too much now. Wauwaji, mmeharibu mwili wa yesu, we polisi shika watu, ata mimi nikifika mnikujie mnishike mnipeleke mniulize hii ujinga nafanya ni ya nini. Kuharibu ifa za yesu kristu,” he added.

At the same time, Ng’ang’a called out churches that placed ‘unrealistic’ rules such as searching for believers as they attended the church services.

He noted that anyone should be allowed to access the church premises without any restrictions.

The cult-like religion practised by the Good News International Church owned by Mackenzie encouraged its followers to starve to death to ‘meet Jesus’.

Different leaders have come forth to condemn the brutal act and urged the relevant authorities to act wth speed in charging Mackenzie who is currently under police custody.


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