In an interview with a local media outlet, Obinna said that his one-year contract had expired, and the two parties agreed not to renew it.

Obina told the publication that he had achieved all he wanted to at the radio station, and it is time to move (to new goals).

“If it’s a job or a car, I will be extra. I have driven that car I wanted to drive (apart from Range Rover Sport), lived in the houses I wanted, and worked in an organization I always wanted… I have achieved what I wanted to do and now we move,” he said.

“I have tried being on Kiss since 2013 and guess what 2022 happened and I got the breakfast show on Kiss FM.”

The radio personality, who replaced Jalang’o after joining politics, left the door open for a possible comeback to the station.

“I know the reason as to why I have left so let those who want to speculate do it, it’s their job. Its good vibes all around it, and people should not feel bad about it or anything. It’s been a nice run and maybe I might come back or maybe I will not. Time will tell,” Obinna said.

He said that he is currently doing his clearance at Kiss.



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