Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta has cautioned the country against persons she says are wrongly taking credit for the struggle for Kenya’s independence.

Speaking when she hosted Field Marshall Mary Muthoni at her Muthaiga home on Thursday, April 20, Mama Ngina said the real freedom fighters associated with the Mau Mau movement have not been properly recognised.

Sasa mnaona wale wenye walikuwa msituni kupigania nchi hii kwa sababu sikuizi kila mtu ni mjuaji… Tumefanya kazi nyingi ya nchi hii,” Mama Ngina said.

Loosely translated, “Now you see for yourself the people who were in the forest fighting for this country because nowadays people pretend to know a lot…We have done a lot for this country.”

The comments were seen as a veiled attack on Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and a section of Mount Kenya leaders, who have vowed to deal with opposition leader Raila Odinga over claims of destabilising the country with anti-government demonstrations.

Muthoni paid the former First Lady a courtesy call to thank her for clearing her pending bank loan amounting to ksh4.7 million and buying her a home in Nyeri last year.

As a sign of appreciation, Muthoni gifted Mama Ngina with goats, a pot, a three-legged stool, a traditional tray, a kiondo (African basket) and food from her shamba.

Muthoni also brought her shaved dreadlocks to the former First Lady, which she wants kept at Uhuru Gardens Museum as a memory of the country’s struggle for self-rule.

In an event attended by the Kiama kia Ma and Kikuyu Council of Elders in Nyeri on April 2, 2022, the Field Marshal agreed to cut off her hair to symbolize her fulfilment in what she fought for.

“I have today agreed to shave my hair. This means that I’m contented that our country has had freedom at last. Generations are now free and what we fought for in the forest has finally been achieved,” Muthoni said then.


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