The two lovebirds have dated for two years but are now living together even as they plan to solemnise their union.

“We have now decided to live together as husband and wife and (Rigathi) Gachagua will be my chief negotiator when Mathira meets Murang’a for the takeover of her daughter,” Wamumbi told Inooro TV Monday.

The two are yet to announce the official date for the ceremony publicly, but revelations indicate that plans are in top gear to make it as soon as possible.

The two met in 2021 during campaign trails culminating in the 2022 General Elections, as both won their seats.

Wamumbi previously worked as a director at the Athi Water Development Agency while Maina was Konyu ward MCA before she vied to become Murang’a woman representative.

Wamumbi was previously married to Catherine Nyambura, whom she married in 2015, and they were blessed with two sons. Nyambura died in 2020.

On the other hand, Maina says that she came out of an irreconcilable marriage, where she had two children.


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