Lari Member of  Parliament (MP) Mburu Kahangara has petitioned the government to consider zero-rating tools and equipment used by People With Disabilities (PWDs).

He says that the move will not only make them affordable but also accessible to users across the country.

“People who are abled differently should be allowed to live with ease by availing affordable crutches, wheelchairs, and brails. This can only be possible if the government zero rates all the items imported for use by these people, ” he said.

The MP spoke at the Lari sub-county headquarters during the issuance of bursary funds to 1500 University and tertiary institution learners drawn from the entire constituency.

He said that the government has promised to increase bursary funds from 3 to 5 per cent subject to the availability of funds noting that the number of those applying for the funds continues to rise every other day.

“The NG-CDF kitty Act will soon be amended to warrant the use of  5 percent of the cash allocated to respective constituencies so that as many applicants as possible can benefit,” he said.

Mburu said that despite the fact that this is not the right time for the government to allocate revenue based on the one man-one vote- one shilling parameter, the mode should be used in the future.

“We all know that the country is undergoing a serious financial crisis but we expect the cost of living to lower with the steady improvement of the economy. With an improved economy, surplus funds will be available and it when as a region we will vouch for the increased revenue allocations,” he said.

He noted that the Mount Kenya region has the highest stake in the Kenya Kwanza government with very many people placed in senior management of the country.

The  MP further stated that  President William Ruto has more often reiterated that his administration will complete all the projects initiated by the previous regime.

“The President has always assured us that all the infrastructural projects started by the previous government such as the  Mau  Mau road and many others will be completed but no new ones will be started,” he said.

He further said that the recent formation of extra municipalities in Kiambu will witness improved road network development in the area.

“Lari has lagged behind in matter development due to a lack of motorable and serviceable roads but this will soon be a thing of the past.  This is because we shall start receiving millions of shillings from the  World Bank meant for infrastructure development,” he said.


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