Orengo said that’s the best alternative to earn a living amid changing political fortunes.

“The entertainment and Sports industry has a huge potential that could be tapped in the growth of the economy as well as create opportunities for employment and self-employment for talented youth,” the county boss noted.

Speaking on Saturday, April 7, 2023, where he presided over the Extravaganza Music for Celebrating the music legends, an event that was organized by the County Tourism department, Orengo said the creative economy has career prospects that could be exploited to sustain livelihoods of the talented youth.

“Music is a multi-billion industry through which many talented people across the world make a decent living. I encourage young people to relentlessly work hard in the pursuit of their passion and dreams,” Orengo said adding that he shall host several entertainment artists in December as a way of promoting the industry.

“The music extravaganza we have today is just an appetizer, the main one is coming in December and I will facilitate it,” he added.

Tourism Executive Ajeline Oduor cited music as a very effective and powerful medium of communication that could be used to promote the development and maintenance of a group, cultural and national identities.

She reaffirmed the government’s commitment to support talent as part of its youth agenda to develop and nurture talent.

“We have not wasted public resources in holding such events as claimed by certain quarters. As a department, we decided to host this event as a way of promoting the talents as we remember our music legends Okach Biggy and Maestro Musa Juma who died but left a legacy.”

Oduor said despite the vast opportunities provided by the music industry, many young people with talent in music continue to waste away that’s why they engage in such programs to identify and make them our priority.

The event was also attended by Benga musician Dolla Kabari who appreciated the County Government for holding such events for it aims at promoting the entertainment industry as we celebrate music legends that came before them.

“We are back at home courtesy of the County government of Siaya and we are happy to join our Luo Community in celebrating our heroes in Music industry.


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