Two women are currently cooling their heels in police custody after they were arrested for allegedly kidnapping a 12-year-old South Sudanese girl.

It is reported that the girl, Akolde Dut Paul, had gone missing for two weeks and a search had been conducted but she was nowhere to be found.

The minor had gone missing after she had been sent to purchase a few items at a nearby supermarket.

At the supermarket, the girl was accused of shoplifting and ordered to bring a guardian. It was at this point that she got lost on her way.

Relatives of the victim noted that a woman claiming to have found their child stranded surrendered her to the police station where they found her.

They noted that the aforementioned woman who is currently in police custody informed police that she opted to take the child to her house on the day she went missing after he found her loitering.

She explained that she surrendered the child after the plight of her family was aired on national tv.

The family was elated to finally reunite with their kin and appreciated efforts inputed in her search.

“The lady that found her said she found her roaming in town and went home with her. So when she saw the story on Citizen TV, that’s when she decided to come and hand her over to the police. That’s where we found Akolde. We’re very happy that we found her safe and sound,” a relative recounted.

The family however wondered why the woman had failed to report the matter immediately she found the minor stranded.

Police on the other hand have began investigations into a possible kidnapping. They apprehended the woman together with her accomplice.

Meanwhile, the girl’s family has set plans to take the minor back to her mother in South Sudan.

“The plan of the family is to take her back to South Sudan; we want to go and understand her and talk to her. It’s still too early and maybe she’s still too traumatised we need to give her time to cool down. Her mum is also worried and waiting to see her,” her uncle Luelbai Paul stated.


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