The travel document along with those belonging to other occupants of the i*************e had been safely kept by the family that also collected armlets from the scene of the December 1993 accident.

South Sudan Presidential Affairs Minister Barnaba Benjamin, while receiving the documents, said the government is planning to build a hospital in the area as a thanksgiving gesture to the locals.

“Kenya with all its leadership has always stood with the p****e of South Sudan,” elated Benjamin remarked.

In a past interview, the family said after collecting the documents they kept them for two years without opening them to see their content.

But out of curiosity, one of the family members identified as Ezekial Keston decided to check, only to discover that the documents belonged to Sudanese nationals.

“After two years, we discovered that Salva Kiir was among the passengers we had rescued through their passport and armlet written SPLA (Sudan P****e’s Liberation Army) and SPLM (Sudan P****e’s Liberation Movement),” Keston said.

Kiir and four Sudanese diplomats were travelling from Wilson Aiport in Nairobi to Kamoa, Nimule, and South Sudan when the p********l from 25,000 feet above the ground.

One passenger was killed instantly in the crash. The rest including Kiir survived the accident and were rescued by locals.

“We acted swiftly to check what was happening and found the wreckage of the plane with five passengers on board, four men and a w***n, on rescuing them one person died, but the rest had b***d oozing on their faces,” Keston added.


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