Members of the County Assemblies (MCAs) countrywide have now appealed to the National Police Service (NPS) for bodyguards to offer them security.

According to the MCAs who made the demands through the County Assemblies Forum (CAF), bodyguards will enhance their protection from potential attacks.

Led by the CAF chairman Philemon Sabulei, the MCAs alleged that the incident was a revelation of the danger they are exposed to during their day-to-day activities. They claimed that the lack of bodyguards aggravated the attacks.

“CAF stands for the security, health and general welfare of the assemblies. To safeguard the lives of MCAs, they should be protected. We cannot afford to have p****e who have given up their personal lives and sacrificed to serve citizens being exposed to danger, which is aggravated by lack of bodyguards, “All leaders should know politics is not a matter of life and death. Unfortunately, life can be lost in such a manner,” Sabulei noted.

Maloba’s death has been shrouded in mystery, while some of the residents cited that he may have been killed due to a love triangle others claimed his death was politically instigated.

The deceased had earlier revealed that some politicians were after his life. Reports claimed that he had been at crossroads with Aseka since the August elections.

It was alleged that the bad b***d between them began after Maloba defeated an ODM candidate supported by Aseka.

“Some politicians have promised to send me to heaven or hell. I am lucky to be here today,” he said during a forum.

On his part, Aseka denied accusations regarding his involvement in Maloba’s death.

“While I have not been on (good) terms with the deceased, I was not in any way involved in his k*****g. I have never harboured such thoughts and I pass my condolences to the bereaved family,” he said.

Authorities yesterday assured residents and supporters that investigations were ongoing and that the suspects involved will soon be apprehended.


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