The plainclothes officer was caught lobbying teargas canisters inside a vehicle that journalists were using at Kware stage in Embakasi.

In a letter addressed to the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA), the human rights group condemned the incident and expressed utmost shock and disbelief.

The lobby group noted that the officers went overboard by using excessive force inappropriately.

“The videos show the said officer violently breaking the windows of the vehicle and clearly shooting a t******s canister into the vehicle. All these actions he did when his life or any other person’s life or property were not in any imminent danger. Clearly, this is the use of excessive force by an officer who at that point in time was meant to protect and property,” HAKI Africa’s Executive Director Hussein Khalid stated.

While condemning the incident the lobby group called on the immediate suspension of the suspect to pave way for investigations.

They insisted that failure to hold the officer accountable would encourage impunity and make Kenyans lose faith in IPOA.

“As the body responsible for investigating police excesses, we write to you to take action and ensure this incident does not go unpunished. As mentioned above, the video and pictures have since gone viral which means many Kenyans, including police officers, have viewed it,” Khalid observed.

“If no action is taken, it will not only encourage police impunity but also make Kenyans lose faith in IPOA and worse still, know what they are at the mercy of police officers who can use excessive force against them and go unpunished,” he added.

During the incident, NTV cameraman Eric Isinte and KTN cameraman Timothy Aguna sustained injuries after they were hit by a teargas canister and a blunt object respectively.

Several leaders such as Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya leader Raila Odinga came out to condemn the incident as they demanded the arrest of the officer.

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) through its chairman castigated the officer terming the incident as disappointing.


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