A w***n only identified as Salome was arrested on Friday, March 24, 2023, after police raided a house at Two Rivers estate of Mugai Inn.

In a statement shared by the National Police Service (NPS), police said they recovered several items used for packaging the illicit brews.

“Items recovered included 750 litres of Ethanol, branding rolls and 19,000 bottle caps. The items include 750 litres of Ethanol; 193 full Cartons of Star Light Vodka of 250 ml. Branding rolls (40 pieces for Budget brand and 50 pieces for Starlight brand,” NPS said in a statement.

“There were also approximately 19,000 bottle caps; 53 bundles of empty Starlight cartons; and 20 cartons of Budget among others,” they added.

The suspect will be arraigned in court tomorrow, Monday, 27, 2023.

NPS said a multi-agency team confiscated 1,200 litres of ‘Kangara’ and 20 litres of Chang’aa during a raid in Mikindani, Mombasa whereas 208 bottles of 250ml Magic times a*******c spirits believed to be contraband were confiscated in Makueni.

“We thank the National Government Administration Officers and members of the public for their continued support in the fight against c****s,” NPS said.


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