This is after family members revealed that there was a pending land dispute between the couple (Morema Nyagechi, 62, and his wife Mong’ina Morema, 60) and a relative.

Led by Morema’s brother, Samwel Bosire, the family suspects that the k*****s currently on the run may have been hired by the relative to kill the couple following the unresolved dispute.

“It is my considered view that the deceased might have been killed by hit men hired from Nairobi because that’s where he has problems with a family member after he opposed an attempt to dispossess other members after the death of one of their loved one,” Bosire told police.

So far, police have arrested two suspects; the housemaid and the farmhand. However, the family led by Morema’s grandson Samuel Matundura stated that they believe the two were not involved in the murder.

“The farm labourer was normally not allowed into the main house and those initial findings showed he had locked the compound and left to go and sleep,” Matundura said.

Matundura suspects that an unknown guest who had visited his grandparents on the night they were killed may have been responsible for the deaths.

“The house-help told us that on the fateful night, she served the couple food and there was a man visiting and that he too joined them in the dinner,” he stated.

Matundura d*******************s of his grandparents lying separately in pools of b***d on Monday, March 20, 2023.

Prior to that, he had sent a young girl to check what had transpired after his grandfather failed to show up after they had previously agreed to meet for some tasks. At the time, his attempts to contact him(grandfather) were rendered futile as his phone had been switched off.

When he was notified that the couple was still sleeping, the young man headed to the house to confirm.

Upon his arrival at his grandmother’s bedroom, he stumbled upon her body lying lifeless in a pool of b***d with her hands tied to the back using a binding wire and her throat slit after being smothered.

His grandfather on the other hand was found dead in the compound’s garage. He had been subjected to the same fate as his grandmother.

The family has now called on police to speed up investigations and arrest their kins’ a*******s.


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