Suba sub-county Deputy County Commissioner, Sebastian Okiring has issued a stern warning against men preying on school-going girls for s****l pleasures.

Speaking to residents at Kisaku primary school on Friday, March 24, 2023, the administrator decried the worrying spate of d********t among school girls in the region.

While beseeching the men aforementioned, he stated that men who were unable to control their lust for school girls should buy their wives school uniforms. This, he says would make them attracted to their wives since their s****l desire was motivated by uniforms.

“I know there are men who are hot. This makes them get attracted to school girls for s*x. It seems the girls’ school uniforms are what fascinate them. I urge them to buy their wives school uniforms to make them more attractive,” Okiring said.

Okiring also raised concern over a recent incident where 23 school girls from the area were found pregnant.

He strongly condemned the act noting that those found g****y will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

“I went to a village in this sub-county some time back and discovered that 23 girls were pregnant. This tells us the level of moral decay in which men infringe on the s****l rights of girls,” the administrator added.

“Anybody who defiles a girl destroys her future life. We will not spare men found defiling girls in this county,” he stated.

Homa Bay county has continuously recorded a rise in the number of teenage pregnancies.

According to Kenya Demographic and Health Survey report released in January, the county has 24 per cent prevalence in teen pregnancies while HIV prevalence stood at 19.6 per cent.

The report also revealed that majority of the teen pregnancies were due to d********t. Others were consensual while others were due to peer pressure.

“Homa Bay has for a long time led in teen pregnancies but we want to reverse the situation. We want girls to cooperate and do what is right,” Wanga said.

“Help us address the problem by reporting p****e who are interested is to have s*x with you at this age. We can’t succeed in curbing teen pregnancies if you don’t participate in the fight,” she added.


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