In a statement shared via its official social media pages on Saturday, March 25, 2023, the investigative agency blamed the mix-up of images on the overwhelming information they received through their pages.

“The Directorate of Criminal Investigations wishes to unreservedly apologize to the public for the mix-up of images in yesterday’s communication, which was meant to appeal for information regarding the whereabouts of criminal suspects involved in Monday’s i*****l demonstrations,

“The mix-up was partly occasioned by the overwhelming information that we had received via the #FichuakwaDCI online platform regarding the reported incidents of v******e. While we work towards rectifying the same and maintaining public confidence in our operations, the Directorate continues to appeal to the public for information regarding the whereabouts of the suspects whose images appear below,” the statement reads in parts.

The Mohammed Amin-led agency bowed to pressure after a section of hawk-eyed Kenyans who reversed search the images shared called them out for misleading information.

DCI had shared a series of tweets launching a m*****t for the protesters shown in the pictures.

It was established that some of the images shared by the investigative body were from 15 years ago while others were from other countries.

In one instance, details emerged that one of the photos showing protesters scampering for safety was captured from a protest in Burundi.

Leaders such as Narc Kenya party leader Martha also called out DCI for misleading Kenyans and tainting Azimio’s brand.

In a statement, Karua affirmed that DCI was using d*******n tactics to manipulate Azimio protests.

“The DCI can no longer be trusted to the police or investigate fairly after the deliberately misleading photos debacle exposed by the media,” she stated.

“We salute the many police officers who continue to maintain professionalism and to show great restraint while reminding the few bent on breaking the law instead of upholding it that they will be held to account individually,” she added.


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