Among the Azimio supporters, only 56- percent expressed support for these protests.

“Fewer than one-third of Kenyans (31 percent) could name the new position proposed by the Kenya Kwanza government for the leader of the largest Opposition party in the National Assembly: the Official Leader of the Opposition, and supporters of the two coalitions differ only slightly in this regard. Those who support neither coalition are somewhat less aware of this proposal,” the report noted in part.

Among all Kenyans and among supporters of both coalitions, more believe the creation of the Official Leader of the Opposition position would make the opposition weaker, assuming Raila Odinga would agree to occupy it.

Among all Kenyans and among supporters of both coalitions, Raila Odinga is seen as the most viable challenger of President William Ruto in 2027, though even among Azimio supporters, fewer than half (40 percent) identify him as being in this position, with Kalonzo Musyoka being the next most frequently mentioned. Nearly half of Kenya Kwanza supporters (47 percent) believe that no such potential challenger exists.


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