Tens of families in Kajiado county are sleeping hungry and entirely depending on relief food, if a recent incident that saw residents cause drama at a relief food donation event, is anything to go by.

Statistics from Kajiado county emergency department indicate that about 500,000 cattle have succumbed to hunger and at least 150, 000 families have been left without a source to eke a living.

And, the hunger state has also seen men join women in hunting for relief food against their traditions which limit such activities to women.

A food donation drive at Nkiwanchani in Kajiado Central yesterday turned dramatic and chaotic as hungry locals destroyed hundreds of maize flour while scrambling for it.

At least 200 bales of unga were set to be distributed to 200 individuals, but to the shock of the organizers, over 700 people turned up.

The hungry locals lost their cool while being addressed by the donors and instead began scrambling for the food.

In an unlikely scenario, men, women, young and elderly engaged in fierce scramble for the unga ending up wasting a bigger percentage.

Some women who had young babies abandoned their children to get away with unga only to come pick their babies later.

The flour was collected in the most cavalier manner as women swept the ground using their hands and carried the mixture of flour and dust using their skirts and shukas.

Some parts of Kajiado have not received rains for the last two years.

Farmers who have been feeding livestock using hay have now resorted to migrating to far-flung areas in search of water and pasture saying hay purchase is no longer sustainable.


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