An 8-year-old boy died after being washed away by flashfloods in Ilasit, Loitoktok Kajiado County with farmers in the area left counting massive losses.

While the area was calm and dry, rains pouring on the neighbouring country of Tanzania led to massive flash floods in the border town and its surroundings.

It is reported that it began raining on the Tanzania side at around 8:00 pm up to 1:00 am on Sunday before raging waters flooded to Ilasit causing panic amid families fleeing to safer places.

Unfortunately, the boy who was in the company of his father on a motorbike along Pilipili road lost his life.

The body of the boy was recovered by neighbours this morning with his father who was found unconscious. His motorcycle was also recovered.

“Father and son were heading home at around 10:00 pm but sadly, they were swept off by floods. We were shocked by the floods since in our area it was dry and calm,” Thiga Macharia lamented.

Residents claim that the floods were caused by poor drainage which saw water spill to the Kenyan side.

“We want authorities from both governments to jointly unravel this mysterious tragedy. We have time to time complained over poor drainage that spills a lot of water on our end and it is time that the issue is looked into,” Ann Legis said.

Residents also expressed fear of incurring more losses and even losing more lives if no urgent measures are put in place.

They say to have incurred losses after farms were swept by the flash floods.


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